Sunday, June 26, 2011

Homeschooling article

Here is a fun article by a public school teacher who encourages homeschooling. Her 3 children are in school but she lists 10 good reasons why homeschooling is better.

A Public School Teacher Talks Homeschooling

Friday, June 24, 2011

Many reasons to love summer

We are taking a short summer break from school and dance until the week after July 4th.  We have had the pleasure of seeing so many old friends and family over the past few weeks.

After the recital the girls and I took a trip to Isle of Palms, SC with my mom and cousin for the day. Then we were off to Boone and Mountain City where we got to hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway and bike on the Virginia Creeper trail as well as see grandparents, cousins and my close friends from when we lived there almost 10 years ago. Daniel is teaching summer classes while writing so he stayed home. As usual when I away, I missed him terribly:(

Hiking Rough Ridge Trail. Daniel and I used this trail often in college and we both have fond memories of taking the girls here in backpacks and carriers. They cruised right up this steep trail and we were all able to enjoy the beautiful views from the top.

Biking the Virginia Creeper Trail. We rented bikes in Damascus, VA and they shuttled us up the mountain where they dropped us off for a 17 mile bike ride down the mountain. The trail was so peaceful and pretty.
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Then I traveled by myself to Charlotte to spend the evening with my college roommates and best friends. I'm not sure how many years it's been, maybe 10, since we've all sat down together for more than a few minutes. It was a sweet time. I love how even after years apart we were still able to pick right back up where we left off. Good friends are always that way and I'm thankful for these ladies.
I got some QT with Daniel's family while in Charlotte--a special brunch with Anna and Gail (no pics). Mom met me in Charlotte with the kids and we drove back home and had a surprise visit from our dear friends Scott and Anna from NC.
We had a week before our next visitors so here's some photos of what we do with our time at home. Lots of reading--especially comics. The girls just love them. Even if they are reading other novels they will still take breaks and pick these up. Here's Ellen reading her favorite one, Tintin. Other favorites are Far Side, Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes and Asteri.
Nature programs with our favorite instructor, Ms. Chanda every other week during the summer. Last week we talked about water quality and identified bugs from the pond. We have learned a ton from these but most importantly we have a great time with our good homeschool buddies. We always bring food and stay for a long time after so the kids can play around the pond, forest, and gardens.
More bike riding but this time with our friends and at Saluda Shoals in Irmo, SC. Great paved trails along the Saluda River. Lots of room to run, play and explore.

Most recently we had a wonderful visit from my Dad who came up from Baton Rouge to spend a few days at our house. This was a special time for us and I'm so thankful he made the trip. We had lots of time to hang out and it was around Father's Day too!
Daniel's dad also met up with us for the Holiday. Here are 3 amazing men that I am so blessed to have in my life. Handsome, loving, kind, generous, intelligent, funny...seriously, I'm a lucky woman.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Recital 2011 The Red Balloon

Our studio had its recital last weekend. The theme was The Red Balloon taken from a French short film about a little boy and his adventures with a curious red balloon. Our red balloon took our dancers all over the world.

Ellen in her Spanish ballet costume. This costume was gorgeous. I think it is one of my favorites of all time.

Here are a few of the classes I teach waiting for the show to be over.

After the show with their contemporary costumes on. I had to watch youtube videos on how to apply makeup:) They look so old here.
We had a nice weekend with family in town for the show. Now we are taking a much needed but short break from school and dance for about a month. Quick trips to the beach and mountains planned for me and the girls. Daniel still teaching summer school.