Friday, February 26, 2010

Peter Pan Preview

In celebration of its 30th year anniversary, our ballet company is putting on a production of the Peter Pan Ballet this weekend. The girls are orchids in the lagoon scene and Daniel and I are Mr. and Mrs. Darling. I also choreographed 2 of the dances--the fairies and the orchids. The girls and I have been rehearsing since November. In the month of February and especially these last 2 weeks (4 days a week) my family has been totally absorbed in rehearsals, music, costumes, and a lot of standing around for Daniel. I will post more after this weekend but here are a few pictures that one of the moms took last night at our dress rehearsal. It is going to be a wonderful performance. It's being held at Richland Northeast Highschool in Columbia at 3pm on Sunday.



Sunday, February 14, 2010

The big snow

The girls had a slumber party to go to on Friday night but before we all went over to the party it started snowing. See if you can find anything unusual in the picture below.
Daniel ran out in the small snow we had last year. This year there was more snow and the girls and I were laughing hysterically when we saw him running through the yard in his shorts again this year! We ended up getting around 5 inches. I couldn't believe it snowed that much in Columbia. I took the picture below on Saturday morning.
The kids and Daniel had a great time Saturday building 2 enormous snow men. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Celebrating Arianna

February 9, 2003
Betwixt Howard’s Knob and King Street,
Nestled amongst thick bramble, wild apple, black cherry,
From reservoirs of Arcadian rain,
A new spring burst forth sweet and pure.

Sympathy is her sense,
Attuned to the heart
as water the form filled.

Grace is her mark,
Her mode of communication dance,
The outward expression of her inner life.

The abundance of her strength,
Hidden in its depth,
And manifest only through the tenderness of her touch,
Is our constant treasure.

She is our coolest summer rain,
And our softest fall breeze,
We celebrate her life.


Saturday, February 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Arianna

Arianna turns 7 next week. We had her birthday party sleep over last night. The kids all had a great time and they are still playing hard this morning.

Above, Arianna and one of her best friend's Ayla admire the beautiful cake last night. Ellen and Arianna decorated the top. Didn't it turn out nice?

There's our home-made pinata. Arianna decided she wanted a simple round one this time. The last few birthdays we all felt bad beating down the elaborate dolphin and dog pinatas.
Our girls. How and when did they get so big?!