Sunday, February 14, 2010

The big snow

The girls had a slumber party to go to on Friday night but before we all went over to the party it started snowing. See if you can find anything unusual in the picture below.
Daniel ran out in the small snow we had last year. This year there was more snow and the girls and I were laughing hysterically when we saw him running through the yard in his shorts again this year! We ended up getting around 5 inches. I couldn't believe it snowed that much in Columbia. I took the picture below on Saturday morning.
The kids and Daniel had a great time Saturday building 2 enormous snow men. 


William Kruidenier said...

Ha ha! Looks like Sasquatch running through the forest! An annual tradition is born!

PineapplePrincess said...

i love it, that is hysterical. Ayla did the same thing on Saturday. She went out side with only her skivvies on too!