Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hiking at Congaree

 Aaaah, Fall in Columbia. Sevent-five degrees. Leaves still dropping. Katie's first hike at Congaree Forest.
I forget, until I'm out there walking, the effect that woods tend to have on me. I used to take Ellen and Arianna up into the woods just out our back door when we lived in the Appalachians. Those are fond memories. I can wear a Baby Bjorn all day so long as the woods keep going.
The girls and friends enjoyed the wide open room to roam.
 We stopped at Wise Lake to each lunch. It couldn't have looked much different hundreds if not thousands of years ago. Just looking at it is like medicine.
 Katie, sitting up on her own, enjoyed a little lunch with Mom and tried to eat some leaves.

 These girls were up together until 1am last night. But in the woods everyone is all smiles.
 Even Katie.

But eventually the woods won. She tanked with about thirty minutes left to go.