Saturday, January 21, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby

I've been collecting baby stuff. Most of it has been free and I am so thankful for my generous friends. I wasn't expecting all these to come so quickly, and it has been a fun experience. Our guest bedroom has officially turned into the nursery:)

We bought this second hand and very nice car seat and stroller combo from someone in Durham when we traveled there to buy the minivan from our friends the Morrisons. (Pictures of that purchase later.)
This is the crib plus sheets, mattress, blankets that came from a friend near Charleston. Thanks Jen Kline for picking this up from a friend and driving 2 hours to our house!
Diapers from Lesley and Jason. Wow, this is hundreds of dollars of cloth diapers. I won't need to buy any for quite a while, if at all. There's a bumbo, baby seat and bjorn from the Morrisons in there too.
Here's a close up of the changing table and dresser from our neighbors. Thanks Jackie and Davie! Again delivered to our door--we are so thankful. Also pictured are some handmade diapers and wool pants from my friend Jen. They are so cute, thanks you!
And last but not least, here's baby and me. 24 weeks Pregnant.