Friday, February 26, 2010

Peter Pan Preview

In celebration of its 30th year anniversary, our ballet company is putting on a production of the Peter Pan Ballet this weekend. The girls are orchids in the lagoon scene and Daniel and I are Mr. and Mrs. Darling. I also choreographed 2 of the dances--the fairies and the orchids. The girls and I have been rehearsing since November. In the month of February and especially these last 2 weeks (4 days a week) my family has been totally absorbed in rehearsals, music, costumes, and a lot of standing around for Daniel. I will post more after this weekend but here are a few pictures that one of the moms took last night at our dress rehearsal. It is going to be a wonderful performance. It's being held at Richland Northeast Highschool in Columbia at 3pm on Sunday.




Anna Morrison said...

You'll be in our thoughts. The costumes are great. I know you all have worked hard on this. Live it up!

kellycowan said...

jen i wish we lived closer!! the girls are really interested in dancing. we have them in gymnastics right now and wearing their leotards is definitely the highlight of their week. i think soon we will try a dance class but they have to be 3, which is just around the corner. i love that you are doing something you love and sharing it with your kids.

William Kruidenier said...

Looks like the Von Trapp family -- everyone involved! Very nice!