Saturday, February 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Arianna

Arianna turns 7 next week. We had her birthday party sleep over last night. The kids all had a great time and they are still playing hard this morning.

Above, Arianna and one of her best friend's Ayla admire the beautiful cake last night. Ellen and Arianna decorated the top. Didn't it turn out nice?

There's our home-made pinata. Arianna decided she wanted a simple round one this time. The last few birthdays we all felt bad beating down the elaborate dolphin and dog pinatas.
Our girls. How and when did they get so big?!


William Kruidenier said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ARIANNA! See you soon with your present!

Anna Morrison said...

Hooray for Arianna! I still remember awaiting her birth day seven years ago.

Great photos! The cake looks fabulous!

Scott said...

Arianna, I've got a high-five for you when I see you in a few weeks. Happy birthday!