Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sunday Surprises

Mimi and BB drove down this Sunday to bring us this scooter. We are so thankful for their generosity. I had just mentioned wanting to get one for daniel since he only drives a short distance to and from the 2 campuses. We can certainly get by with one family car. They were quick to offer this little 2004 Honda Helix to us. Mom used to drive it along side BB's scooters. Since she hasn't been using it anymore they were going to sell it anyway. It is perfect for Daniel. He can fit his books and lots of other stuff in those compartments in the back of it. We are really excited about getting 70 miles/gallon and having very little maintenance and insurance to pay for. What a treat! Now, I just have to learn how to ride it!
Mimi and BB only stayed a few hours that day. We also had a surprise visit from our friends Shael, Lily and Cole from Greenville. She said it was too early to call before they left. We had talked about getting together that day but I was so shocked to see them standing at the door Sunday morning. The kids played. Mom and Shael and I got to hang out a bit while the guys talked about the scooter. We finished the morning with a late lunch at Moe's. So, to say the least, we had a wonderful Sunday!


Anna Morrison said...

Daniel, my favorite color is yellow! Looking good on that scooter. So glad you have something affordable to get you to and from campus. Perfect! Enjoy.

Scott said...


When are you scootering up to Durham?