Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fairs then and now

The state fair is a family tradition. It started back in Indy 3 yeas ago when we first rodes bikes with the girls in the bike trailor down the Monon Trail to the fair. For the third year in a row we spent the day at the fair. The girls love to ride the rides so it's hard to get them away from that. There are other great shows and exhibits that we walked through as well. Here's a few pictures from that. The girls and I got to go another day during the week with some friends and we played lots of games and took home lots of prizes and a bag of cotton candy:) I will post about the renassiance festival later tonight.


William said...

A pink guitar! Cool!

Anna Morrison said...

i mentioned going to the state fair the other day to scott. he was not that thrilled about it. i have always enjoyed them. looks like the girls enjoyed themselves. :)