Monday, July 28, 2008

Billy Jonas

Last week we went to see one of our favorite musicians, Billy Jonas. He plays every year at the Richland County Library so it is a free event. The kids get to pile in the front of the audience and dance and sing together. We all know all his songs since we sing along in the car all the time. He is an amazing musician from Asheville, NC who plays recycled items like plastic jugs, buckets, barrels, and all kinds of bells and horns. He creates wonderful music with that "junk", a guitar, and his voice. Here is a link to one of his concerts where he is singing and banging one of my favorites, Some Houses. Check him out and if you have kids you should definitely look him up.

This picture shows him doing some hand motions to one song. Even though it is blurry you get the idea of what the show is like with all the instruments on the stage.


Anna Morrison said...

Awesome!! We truly enjoy this guy. You introduced us to him years ago. His CD is played over and over and over in our van.
What a treat!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel and Jennifer,

I have finally found you!

Daniel check your email for my email address.
Subject: Daniel from Boone?


Anonymous said...

I obviously have spelling issues. It should have been "finally found you"

Kallie said...

We love Billy Jonas! He is a favorite in our house. We are usually lucky enough to see him at the LEAF festival every year in Black Mountain- last year the kids got to make their own instruments and play with him!