Saturday, February 21, 2009

Teddy Bear

Added note: I've posted 2 entries in a row so be sure to check out the one below this about our winter garden.

I found this pattern for an adorable crochet teddy bear in a kids crochet book. (You can find the book here at Amazon.) I checked this book out from the library thinking maybe the girls would find something interesting to do. But, they are not into learning how to crochet. They think knitting is easier. So, as I was looking through the book I found this really cute little bear. The pattern is so easy to read since it is designed for children. I think I'll try to find some more of these kinds of patterns! I started it before everyone got sick and then finished the arms, legs, and face the other night. How cute?!


Anna Morrison said...

how sweet is that? love it, jen. you continue to inspire me. you do such a great job! i love how you actually finish all your projects you start. great quality to have. :)

i checked out the following book from the library. see if you can get your hands on it. i have not made anything yet, but it looks so doable. super cute. the book is called Fun Dolls. there is also another by same author called Cute Dolls. wait, i may have shown them to you at B&N that night we went out.

Anonymous said...

wow jen. that is adorable! I'm a proud mom for sure!
And the garden looks so professional this year! If things keep on going like they are now, we will all have to live with you guys so we can feed ourselves since we won't be able to afford groceries! Do you have room
for BB, MiMi, Neal, Paige, Parker, Wills, Ellen, Other Mommie, Devon, Dylan, Dustin and maybe Morgan???

Lesley said...

I've been wanting to knit an animal and now I know that it is not too terribly tough. I bet it is actually pretty quick because you are constantly changing what you are doing....I am knitting a blanket for baby #2 right now and feel like it will never end - I am enjoying it but it seems like I am making no progress!