Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wait...I'm not ready!

(Daniel here): Our dog Jay is quite the handful. As many of you know he is a treasure. Right now he is chewing his hind end up and so wearing one of those cones. We'll just add that to the list of "Jay accomplishments"! But over the weekend he was the catalyst for the following conversation. Thanks a bunch Jay:

Ellen: "Dad why does Jay have an "N" on his tummy?"

Dad (unaware of impending unpreparedness): "That means Jay got neutered."

E: "What is noooooootered?"

D (Arianna now tuning in): "Well they go in and cut out some of Jays 'organs'."

E&A: "Really, why?"

D (sheesh): "Well, dogs and cats breed really well and so there are too many around. In order to prevent them from doing so any dog or cat that makes it to the pound has his or her organs cut out so they can't make babies."

Ellen: "How do they make babies?"

D (shuffling, hesitating, uncomfortable): I'll just skip the X-rated content explained in the most simple and easy to understand format I could muster on the spot with as little detail as possible. Something about all mammals and eggs and little swimmy-guys with tails and the miracle of life...

E&A: "REALLY?" (with contorted faces and quite a bit of surprise THEN far-off looks quite the signs of internal work rendering external appearances dim and blank).

D: (Looking around, sun still shining, birds singing, all appearing well). "Hey who wants to water some plants?"

There it came and there it went. So much of life happens without my approval.
Seriously, thanks Jaydog.


Scott said...

Awesome story. Can you come talk to Julian?

Anna Morrison said...

Good transcribing, Daniel. That is pretty darn cute.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Heck no!
But I'll drop some hints and send him to you for answers! J/K Hahaha.

Jason said...

Wow. I guess by teaching your kids to be so inquisitive and smart, you get 'the big question' pretty early! Funny how it can sneak up on you when you least expect it...

I wish I could have been in their little minds to see how the wheels were turning after you briefly explained. I am thinking it will be brought up again soon...

Great to read about the garden/yard progress as well! We really miss you guys and think about ways to get together frequently. Hopefully it wont be too much longer.

Good luck with the end of your semester, Daniel...just a few more weeks to go!


Laura said...

what a funny story. love how you told it, and i am not too excited about that conversation with our gang, either. funny. :)