Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Dog Party

Ellen wanted to have a potluck/sleepover party to celebrate her birthday this year. We invited our group of friends to come over Friday night. They all brought vegan side dishes to go along with the big pot of chili that I made for dinner. (I had separate dog bone shaped pb and js, tings, and fruit for the kids.)

We have a tradition of making a pinata for every birthday party. I posted instructions here last year on how to make a pinata with kids. I got this year's design from a picture of a puppy pinata online. The girls and I started on it about 2 weeks ago and worked on it a little bit every few days until Friday morning. The girls wanted it to look like our dog Blue and I think it came out pretty nice! Ellen said next time she wants to make a simple pinata so that we don't have to destroy something that we love:)
The kids played dress up, watched the movie Hotel for Dogs, played in the dark on the trampoline with glow sticks, and stayed up late. Most of the kids/families left between 10-11pm. We only had one sleep over. They've been playing quietly all morning.

I love having parties mostly because I know how much the kids enjoy it. They have the best time with all their friends over. There are toys everywhere and I've washed a ton of dishes, but it is all worth it to see those big smiles on Ellen's and Arianna's the entire time.


Laura said...

looks like so much fun!!

Anna Morrison said...

The pinata looks so amazing! Glad you took a picture before it was busted. I think it is neat you have that tradition.

The party looks like a blast! You give so much. I know Ellen felt so loved.

Madelyn will be so envious, especially since you had Tings!

Lesley said...

Awesome party!
what's a ting?

jendanellenarianna said...

Tings are healthier cheetos! They are made by the company Robert's American Gormet and contain only four ingredients--corn, salt, nutritional yeast and oil. The girls love them but we only get them on special occasions:)