Sunday, November 01, 2009

Alley cats in the garden

I'm combining more Halloween photos with a garden update. I got my camera working again thanks to Do it yourself digital camera repair blog. I'm afraid it's a temporary fix so I sent Daniel and the girls out to take some pictures while it was working yesterday.

The garden is just beautiful these days. Daniel works hard out there and his work is paying off extremely well. We are still eating from these huge eggplant. (Arianna is holding one of the smaller Japanese eggplants but we have the globe variety also.) The lacinato, or dinosaur, kale that is in the front of this picture is so big. We have been harvesting from it for about a week now and loving it.

The cats are hiding behind the lettuce that are providing fresh salads every day!

They are standing in the middle of the garden and you can see the large broccoli that is forming some nice little heads. The cabbage is in front of them. The tall plants with stakes behind them are our second try at tomatoes.

Collards are in front of Arianna and lupine cover crops just starting out in front of Ellen.

Here's the whole crew dressed up and ready for trick or treating last night. We enjoyed a lovely potluck before heading out  in  our friend's neighborhood in the 78 degree temperature. Thankfully it was not raining yet, but we were all sweating by the end of the night! I love the South.


bradfork said...
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Kathleen O said...

LOVE THE ALLEY CATS IN THE GARDEN! Great job on the face painting too...they look terrific! How fun.
Garden looks absolutely wonderful! Payoff for lots of hard work.

William Kruidenier said...

Can't imagine healthier and happier looking kitty-cats or garden!

Those eggplants are loving their soil -- ya'll hit that combination exactly right. Do you remember where you got your lacinato kale seeds? Mine don't produce those BIG leaves like yours -- I wonder if it's just my soil or if it's a different variety of lacinato? Yours looks like what I wanted to grow, but didn't -- yours are BIG like the leaves in the grocery store. Nice!