Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Saturday Harvest with Beets and Onions

  • 3 pounds collards
  • 3.5 pounds kale
  • 11 pounds potatoes
  • 4 pounds bok choi
  • 14 ounces chard
  • 1.5 pounds beets
We ordered all of our seeds including the multiplier onions pictured below from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. We are very excited about the success of these onions. We have harvested a portion of the bed and now they are curing (drying) in the shed for a few weeks. Most of the bulbs are a nice size and much bigger than anything we've ever grown. We also harvested garlic this week but did not weigh them (or the onions) yet. We've decided to wait until they dry. We noticed that the local organic garlic was selling for $2 a bulb at the farmer's market! I look forward to doing a cost analysis to see how much money we are saving with growing the food in our garden.

Beets! This is another crop that we are successfully growing for the first time this year. We don't have very many but the ones we have are beautiful! I love the deep red color. I'd love for a suggestion on how to cook these. I'm going to try roasting them tomorrow. I don't usually buy beets so I'm going to have to experiment with some new recipes:)


Lesley said...

carrot beet juice!
pickled beets in a jar!

ask dwight shrute for more suggestions! haha.

William Kruidenier said...

Eating my heart out -- what a garden!

A pan of roasted root vegetables is hard to beet (ha ha!), but I've been juicing beets/beet greens so long that I cringe at cooking 'em. Part of that is from childhood -- always recoiled at the sight/taste of canned sliced beets like mama would serve. But juicing them? Can't get enough -- just had some this morning!

Yours look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your garden must be HUGE! It is exciting to see all that fresh produce coming in, isn't it? :0)

I must go snoop and read more about your garden! :-)