Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family visit and trip to Charleston

We had a wonderful visit with Daddy Bill and Nana last weekend. They drove in from Baton Rouge and spent the weekend with us here in Columbia. On Friday, Daniel took the day off and we all drove to Charleston for a boat ride and tour of Fort Sumter. The ferry boat was entertaining for the kids and provided a beautiful view of the harbor and the city of Charleston. While on the ride over to Fort Sumter, we listened to an extensive history lesson over the loud speakers about the area and the beginning of the Civil War. After the tour, we also went into downtown for lunch, browsed the French Market, and walked along the river. The adults rested in the shade while the girls played in the fountain. Thanks to Daddy Bill and Nana for a great idea and for treating us to a wonderful day trip! We miss you.

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KathyB said...

what a great trip for yall. Isn't it wonderful that Davie likes to do THINGS??? Yall look so pretty.