Monday, November 01, 2010

Fall Fun--Fair and Halloween

A day at the State Fair. Five hours of pure fun!

The girls went trick or treating twice. The first time they went with Daniel to an event at USC while I was visiting family last week. They got such a load. We all decided that the candy is better off in the trash than in their bodies. They kept a few pieces but threw away 4 pounds of junk.
While in the mood of getting rid of things, Daniel helped them go through their room and get rid of a few bags of clothes and toys. They also cleaned out my car and cleaned the house while I was away.
They wanted to be Indians for Halloween so we sewed these costumes out of some fabric and extra pieces from the fabric store. They made belts out of gimp and beads. Daniel sewed the shoulder bag for them.
We carved some pumpkins and left a bowl of candy out for the trick-or-treaters while we walked around the neighborhood last night.  We got another load of candy and sorted through most of it again tonight.


William Kruidenier said...

Beautiful costumes -- sounds like the troops stayed busy while Mom was away -- very productive! Like the idea of picking and choosing what to keep and what to toss out of the Halloween haul. Better to let the landfill critters have the worst of it. What's most amazing is that your girls recognize good/better/best when it comes to consumables and are will to separate one from the other(s).

KathyB said...

Whoa girls! Super Costumes!!!!!! Looks like Halloween and the Fair were (as usual) terrific fun. And aren't you all so lucky? Good job with the costumes and with throwing away all that "bad for you" junk.
I Love You!

Laura said...

What great costumes!! So impressed that you made them yourselves! Halloween is so much fun, isn't it? Your girls are getting so big and beautiful and tall. Hope yall are doing well and enjoying Fall. The beach looked like a total blast!

Love yall, Laura

homegrownsunshine said...

So glad to see these pics. I, too, have to add a comment about the costumes. Of course you made them! Your family is so cool like that. Great job!!!

I love the swing photo from the fair. Daniel is such a fun Dad!

Love you all!