Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring Seed Starting Week by Week

On January 23 we started 3 trays of seeds --36 collards, 36 kale, 24 cabbage, 24 spinach, 24 brussels sprouts, 18 lettuce mix, 18 broccoli, 18 onions, 18 chard. 

We are using a new indoor lighting set up that will make starting seeds a lot easier. This powerful light stays on for 18 hours a day which has been enough to keep the seedlings healthy and strong so far. (We put paper bags on top of the trays in the beginning to help keep the seeds moist while germinating.)
The new tray allows for easy watering. Daniel fills it once a week with water, fish emulsion, and compost tea. He uses 5 gallon buckets to fill and drain.
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3 
Started another tray of 6 broccoli, 18 cabbage, 18 red Russian kale, 12 red lettuce, 18 buttercrunch lettuce
Week 4
Week 5
We plan to put these out and get summer seeds started within the next few weeks.


Anna Morrison said...

Looking great! Thanks so much for showing the process. Love you all.


William Kruidenier said...

Very impressive set-up -- looking forward to those starts becoming tall and green in the garden. I planted six Brussels sprouts transplants (sto' bought) the other day -- a little lame compared to your self-starting operation. I went overboard on Brussels sprouts because I can never find them organic (and they're so healthful). And wouldn't you know -- for the first time EVER the other day, Earthfare had organic Brussels sprouts. Planting my own was the way to ensure they would start carrying them. Oh well.

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