Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Doll Baby

She's just a few days away from 4 months old. She is our doll baby. People constantly tell us, "she looks like a doll" and "I've never seen so much hair on a baby." The girls were fighting over who got to dress her, hold her, carry her around. Literally, they were arguing about it so much that I had to make a rule that each of them gets a day to do everything for Katie every other day.

I think she looks even more like a doll when Arianna is holding her like this. People really have to look twice because it looks so much like a little girl carrying her doll:) One lady at the library last week said, "what a fantastic doll--it's so life like." We all got a good laugh.

A friend gave us a bunch of board books today and the girls took turns reading to her for a few minutes.
I can usually make her smile by making the kissing sound or we shake our head making other silly sounds. Pretty cute.
She has been taking small bites of food this week. She likes the banana, split peas, sweet potato, oatmeal and tried black eyed peas tonight. We just give her a tiny bit of what we are having to eat and she seems to enjoy it.
She sucks that thumb when she gets tired.
She loves being on her belly for a little while. She will roll over and off the green mat so we have to be more careful about where we put her now.
She always moves her head back when she smiles real big so the pictures come out blurry. You can imagine how sweet that face is in real life!
She still wakes up a lot at night about every 2 to 3 hours. She nurses and goes right back to sleep. Daniel takes her in the morning for me so I get some extra time to rest before he goes to work.

I've got to get a picture of her in the bath. I take a bath with her every night and it is such a pleasure because she loves it so much. She smiles the whole time and is mesmerized by the sound and feel of water. I love baby smiles when they look into your eyes and their whole face just lights up. It makes all those sleepless nights worth it.


Anna said...

oh my word. what a doll indeed.
can't wait to squeeze her (with permission) soon.
thanks for posting these precious photos. i miss seeing you all so much.
come on boys.... get jobs close.... please. :)

Lesley said...

Man, she is something else. I cant wait to meet her in person....soon! Love you guys.