Sunday, October 28, 2012

Emerald Isle 2012

We just returned from our annual beach trip to the coast of NC with good friends. I wanna go back.

This year we enjoyed five days of clear sunny weather.

All the kids are really growing up.

Fortunately we have Katie.

What would the beach trip be like without any little ones? Everyone took turns holding and caring for Katie.

She cried the first time her legs were dipped in the cold water, but after several walks onto the beach she was accustomed. She went to sleep surprisingly easily and continued her practice of sleeping on average 45 minutes.
While Jennifer and I were on the porch Katie sat in front of us and she played with a plastic cup for almost ten minutes. That was the first time I've seen her really focus in on something and bite, suck, grab, hit, and attack it over and over again. She is really growing and very interested in anything that falls within mouth or hand reach. Just today she sucked her big toe.

We did not see Ellen and Arianna except in passing. 
They remained in a near frenzy of play with their friends. They played soccer, horseshoes, 
built sand castles, 
and  made up beach games.
The kids played Uno,
played Catch-Phrase,
played Spot-It,
played Clue, 
lots of drawing,
and spent a lot of time in the water. It's a bit nerve-racking watching them bowled over by waves or move out a bit, but they stayed together and seem to know their limits pretty well.
The adults enjoyed a lot of sitting around and chatting, fixing meals together,
and a bit of competitive catch-phrase. I enjoyed talking "work" with the guys and playing a bunch of guitar.
All in all a great trip. We are so fortunate to have such great friends to share these times with. 
Thanks Morrisons,
and Bullucks
for another great year at the beach.


Anna said...

warms my heart....

miss you already

Lesley said...

Great pics and post! Man, I could go for some more of that right now!