Monday, December 10, 2012

The End

Our blog has reached its maximum limit for photos finally. Google will not let us post more pictures on this site unless we pay for storage on Picassa. We are trying to decide what to do next. The options are moving to a different blogging host or not doing a blog at all. Stay tuned.


Janiece said...

Do the pictures have to be stored on Picassa? I use photobucket to store pictues for use online, and photobucket is free.

kellycowan said...

well i like to read this so...i vote for SOMEthing to continue :)

Anonymous said...


I bet photobucket has a limit on their free data storage. My hunch is that most of these free photo sites are only free up to a point. But if you find a place willing to hold unlimited amounts of data for free let us know. That would be interesting indeed.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, thanks for your kind words. I think we are going to keep going, so keep a look out for a new address. We are working on a Wordpress blog that should show up in the not too distant future.