Friday, July 27, 2007

pet sitting and no TV

we are pet sitting for some friends this week. The guinea pigs are Cindy and Layla and rabbit is Dora. The girls have had so much fun with the animals, especially the pigs. They go get them first thing in the morning and pet them, take them out of the cage and bring them in the kitchen to run around for a little while. They are a lot of work though. It has been fun but we will not be getting any little animals like this for our own house.

The pet sitting has been a good transition into life without TV. Daniel and I have been talking about getting rid of the tv for a long time. We finally did it last week. We never really watched it much. I used it with the girls in the mornings while I brushed and put up their hair (so, usually about 30 minutes a day). During the season we loved watching America's Funniest Home Videos together on Sunday nights. I would then spend several evenings a week (after the girls were in bed) watching shows while Daniel was studying. This doesn't mean that we arent's watching DVDs and youtube:) We like checking out the new stuff on youtube every once in a while. The Office clips are our favorite right now. We've also gotten season 1 and 2 of The Office from our library. We also have the cheapest membership to netflix so we get 2 movies a month.

I'd have to say that the nicest thing about not having tv is not having to watch commercials! The other obvious thing is that instead of turning it on when I'm (we're) tired and just want to zone out we usually just do something else. I've been going to bed earlier, reading novels, browsing the internet, reading the paper, planning and organizing for the school year. . . I'm not saying that we'll be tvless forever. I guess we could change our minds one day. The girls haven't really missed it. Like I said they can still watch DVDs and this week they've been totally entertained by our borrowed pets. It's just so nice not having the big box taking up space in our den and our lives.


Lesley said...

We just got the cheapest netflix plan also and one of our first movies to come here soon is a season of the Office! How funny. I have never seen an episode, but I've heard they are good.

Great idea to get rid of the tv. Even a temporary loss of the tv is welcomed once in a while to get out of the habit and purge yourself of the advertising nonsense. I have realized lately (in our occassional 30 minutes with Seinfeld) that the commercials are louder than the actual program as if you are not allowed to tune them out. I subconciously find myself tense during them!

Love you guys. Les

Lesley said...

oh, and what's up with the stickers on the girl's heads?

Anna Morrison said...

inspiring. isn't it easy to justify tv usage with our children. look at your girls faces. they are not at a loss for entertainment or fulfillment.

we are netflix users as well.

miss you. we'll be with you in one week!!
love you.

Anonymous said...

To Lesley,
we have just recently joined a new religion. It is part of the TV thing. We weren't going to say anything but since you asked...J/K HAHAHA