Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kruidenier meets Kucinich

How do you succinctly tell this story? This is my brother Stephen with presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. Back up about 6 months. Stephen had been working in animal rights activism here in the Carolinas and decided to pursue his work on the West Coast. So, much as we would rather have kept him near we sent him off with hugs and well wishes. Within weeks he was sending reports of encounters with movie stars and other pop-culture elites. He hooked up with Shannon Keith, a prominent animal rights attorney and director of an award winning animal cruelty documentary Behind the Mask, and they began formulating the vision for an activist legal defense fund. Stephen is now involved with a new documentary there and also with promoting the new legal defense fund. He sought out Dennis Kucinich both to interview for the documentary and to see if he would get behind the fund. He was willing to do both. Stephen said Congressman Kucinich was passionate, articulate, intelligent, informed, and gracious. If you are not familiar with his record he is nothing less than courageous and represents one of the only truly DIFFERENT messages for our country's future (the only other truly DIFFERENT message being that of Ron Paul but for different reasons. I digress...). Props to Stephen for pursuing his vision, and finding himself amongst such notable individuals.


William said...

Nice to see a member of Congress take time out to spend with a small group at the grass roots level. It's amazing that someone with D.K.'s values is considered so far out of the mainstream -- sort of like Jesus was. Not always a bad thing.

CresceNet said...
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