Monday, November 05, 2007

Tiger Mania

We surprised my dad for his 60th birthday last weekend. I knew they were having a party for him and I just couldn't stand missing it. We drove down (10 hours)Thursday and spent the night in Jackson with my grandmother, aunt and cousins. We went to my cousin's highschool football game there. Then we woke up early Saturday morning and drove down to Baton Rouge (3 hours). My dad was so shocked. After finally realizing who we were (my new car really threw him off) he said, "have you lost your mind!" He now has 9 grandkids and this was the first time that they've all been together since they were babies. It was so much fun to see everyone playing together and I know it meant soooo much for us to be there. If you've ever been to Baton Rouge on game day you'd know that the whole town shuts down during the LSU game especially when playing Alabama. Of course we had to wait until halftime to open presents and cut the cake. It was crazy in the house as we experienced tiger fanatics scream and shout as the game progressed. Thankfully LSU won.

everyone else had shirts we needed some too:)

Will, Ellen and Arianna visiting Mike the Tiger on Sunday. That's tiger stadium in the background. Neal and Parker

I guess we're supposed to be South Carolina fans now that we live and attend USC . . . not sure if that will really ever happen. I'm not really a football fan at all but it is fun to be apart of the SEC madness every once in a while:)


Lesley said...

Heck yeah! Good for you for making that long trek to surprise your dad. I know he was immeasurably happy. That WAS an incredible football game! I am also not a huge football fan, but I find myself really enjoying college sports the more I watch them. I guess I am starting to feel some sort of connection to my roots. That is until I think about the inordinate amount of money that goes towards college athletics relative to libraries and professor salaries...

It's best to not think about it and crack open another Budweiser!

Love you guys.

Tate said...

How are u? You and your children look so adorable!!!
I'm so glad u surprised your Dad for his 60th! I bet that meant the world to him. GEAUX TIGERS!!!
I never really liked college football until after college. But, I'm hooked now! I'm so glad we won that game against Bama- we had to beat Saban!
I brought my boyfriend, Eric, down to BR to meet the fam and to go to the LSU vs. Florida game. It was a lot of fun. My family really liked him, as do I, so that makes me really happy.
We need to keep in touch!
Are u living in Columbia, SC?
I'm still in Charleston, SC, but not for too much longer. We have got to plan too meet up. I'd love to see you and meet your family!
Hope to hear from u soon!