Friday, December 28, 2007


Santa came to Gail's house in Charlotte on Sunday. It worked out perfectly since that was the day that we were going to be there! We weren't able to see all of Daniel's family since they were all coming in town at different times but we did get to see uncle Dave who came in from Philadelphia. We opened tons of presents, played parcheesi, and as always shared lots of laughs when uncle Dave is around. Gail loves Christmas and does an amazing job picking out the perfect presents for all her kids and grandkids!

We opened presents Christmas morning at our house. This year we decided not to make the drive down to Louisiana and stayed home to enjoy some of our own family Christmas traditions. We had a quiet and peaceful day of opening stockings and presents, playing as a family, eating a huge vegan feast (Tofurky, fresh green beans, vegan sausage stuffing, mashed potatoes, breads, and chocolate zuchini bread for dessert). The girls spent most of the day and every day since then riding their new scooters from Nana and Daddy Bill.

Our tree.

Daniel showing off his presents from Ellen.

One of Ellen's favorite presents. . . earings.
Arianna and her new favorite thing. . . horses.
Riding the new scooters in their pajamas.
Christmas breakfast. . . Silk soy eggnog, and cinnamin toast with the angels. (Me with my coffee!)

The stockings I crocheted for the girls. . . aren't they beautiful:)


Jason said...

Hey guys. Looks like a wonderful time you all had. I enjoyed the abundance of images as I scrolled.

You guys have set a high bar with those xmas at home traditions. Very thorough and the best/simplest of splurges. I think we are coming to your house next time.

Look forward to seeing you all soon... we better get on a posting ourselves...

much love

Anna Morrison said...

i was so glad to tap into your blog today and see your sweet family's faces. thanks for sharing the photos.

we would have loved to have shared that vegan feast with you.

what? you can make stockings? order up . . . 6 please. :)

kellycowan said...

loved seeing/hearing about your christmas! seemed like a lot of fun. if i could single out of image that looked familiar though it was you at the breakfast table with your coffee mug. that looked like something i could have pieced out of an old photo. i like the familiarity sometimes of seeing that parts of us are still the same. most everything else was different though, in a nice way ;). except the vegan dinner. gotta tell ya - yuck ;). glad you loved it though!!! and glad you still love me even though i love my meat!!! love you.