Monday, December 10, 2007

Friends posing

We love spending time with good friends. Last Sunday the girls and I went to Greenville to see our good friends the Weidenbachs who moved there this year from Indy. Here are the kids Arianna, Lily, Ellen and Cole.

The girls take ballet on Wednesdays. They are in a class with some of their closest friends which makes the class all the more special. Ellen and Arianna were originally in separate classes but they decided to combine the 2 classes due to the low enrollment in the younger class. Arianna was so excited when she found out the news that she would get to be in Ellen's big girl class. You can imagine as a little sister how great it would be to be included with your big sister and the big girls.


Anna Morrison said...

Such sweet little faces. I know you have enjoyed all these friendly outlets. I am proud of you, Jen.

Tracee said...

How cute they are!