Sunday, February 10, 2008

Arianna turns 5

We had a wonderful vacation down in Alabama for a full week. We played at the beach, swam in the pool, visited with family and the last day we were their I got to do some relaxing. The day after we got back from the trip was Arianna's birthday and so we had her party on Saturday. It turned out to be a beautiful, warm day. Grandaddy William came in town and went with Daniel and the girls to the mall to get their ears pierced. (Daniel got his other ear done with Ellen in Sept.) Aunt Anna also came in town for the party. We had a scavenger hunt, pinata, a horse cake, and tons of horse presents. And thanks to William for taking these beautiful pictures. It was very nice not to worry about that for this party and he always gets amazing shots of the kids!

I just can't believe my baby is 5 years old. It doesn't seem possible. I feel older when I think about the fact that I have kids now--they're not babies any more! This 5 year old birthday party was a special one. People stayed over at our house into the evening and we ordered out and ate dinner together here. The kids had a blast until about 9:30 (the party started at 2). They played outside a lot since the weather was beautiful. Daniel set up the tent in the backyard so they went on trips to far away lands and traveled in their boat (on top of the mulch pile) then slept in the tent. It was very sweet. It is really fun to watch these young friendships develop. We are so thankful for all of them for coming and celebrating our Arianna with us!


Anna Morrison said...

Happy 5th Birthday Arianna!! I remember that February day that you were finally delivered!

What a fun party and tribute to such a delightful and beautiful child. The photos are amazing. I love the top one. Truly amazing. The photo of Arianna and Anna is gorgeous.

Can't wait to hear about that cake. YUM!!!!


Tracee said...

Happy Birthing Day Jennifer!

Anna Morrison said...

Hey again! Jen, you've been tagged. Check my blog. :)