Monday, February 04, 2008

What I miss most when they're gone

First, my loving wife: I miss her friendship-the kind you have with someone day in and day out who can read you like a book even when you don't want to be read. I miss the daily encouragement and real belief-by real belief I mean the kind someone has in you when they really know your strengths, weaknesses, and quirks and can make an honest assessment. I miss the warm body at night. I miss sharing the labor of living. I miss feeding off of her strength and endurance...
Second, my loving girls. I miss the little feet, the little hands, the huge smiles, the soft sweet faces, the quick, strong, and fluid bodies. I miss the young energy, I miss the honesty, I miss the innocence, and the insight that comes with not knowing much. It's been days since I have heard a "Today I did X for the first time" or "Dad did you know X ?". I miss the surprise neck hugs from behind or the surprise tackle hug when I'm not looking.
And its only been a few days! But just imagine if three of your best friends took off for the beach. Now I am left here uninterrupted with my own mind. Yikes. (Cue the violin).
These are my days,

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Anna Morrison said...

love it. well said daniel.
we just packed the kids up, we'll leave first thing in the morning. should be at your place around 11ish.

what? you seem lonely. the morrisons can come give you some interruptions.

hee hee :)