Monday, March 31, 2008


The girls stayed up late last night after our reading time. They were being so quiet I hardly noticed. When Daniel went in to check on them he found these wonderful drawings. We just had to share. Ellen has made a list or chart filled with good guys and bad guys. There are 53 of them all together. We asked her to go back and number them so that we could get some help from the blog world. We thought it would be fun if the kids out there could help her come up with some names for the guys. So ask your kids to think of a name for a good guy and a bad guy. Please respond in the comment section. We can't wait to hear from you!

This is Arianna's beautiful face drawing. She has done tons of these and given them to friends and family. We are also accepting names for this face.


Tracee said...

Very nice. I'll have to have the boys look at them. Some of those good and bad guys look an awful like like Pokemon characters.

Anna Morrison said...

Boy did you give my kids a fun activity today! Ellen and Arianna, your art work is fantastic! You both are so creative. Are you ready for this??
Julian's ideas for Ellen's good/bad guys
39- Evil Leaf
Kalen's Ideas
9-Ratty the Rat
28-Bubble Bad Guy
Madelyn's Ideas for Ellen's Drawings
20-Sunshine (she is her mother's daughter:) )
27-Bad Buggy

Madelyn's name idea for the name of Arianna is Elley
Julian's name idea for the girl is Belle

Anna Morrison said...

oops. i just reread your post and you wanted 1 good guy and 1 bad guy name from each. hey, we homeschoolers are over achievers, right? sorry.

Kalen's idea for the girl is Brownie

William said...

Wow -- I was blown away by these drawings. I would be hard-pressed to come up with 53 imaginary beings, half-good and half-bad, without repeating myself. I didn't see any two that were alike. I especially liked 5, 8, 11, 18, 28, and 29. Ellen's fertile little mind was in a creative place.

I found Anna's realistic and beautiful portrait to be an interesting counterpoint to Ellen's. It's amazing that she, given a blank piece of paper, chooses to draw what she sees around her with her physical eyes, while Ellen draws what she sees in her mind's eye. So interesting.

Thanks for making these available!

Claire said...

OK, here are Drew's names.

#14- Trap
#15- Fiercer
#16 - Faster
#17- Laughy(as in maniacal, spooky laugh)

and finally a GOOD GUY
#20 - Rescuer

Arianna's Drawing - Sissy

Apparently a no brainer...:)

jendanellenarianna said...

I tried to post a comment, but got an error message. Here are Lily's ideas:

8 - Simon (boy)
9 - Doh Doh (girl)
23 - Boocifer (girl)
25 - Lank (girl)
37 - Pillow (girl) - also Lily's favorite character

She also things that Arianna's girl looks like a "Sarah."

Can't wait to play!

jendanellenarianna said...

what a wonder art exhibition. I am truly, truly blown away and so proud. I think I responded on the blog, may have even done so twice. If so, pick the one you want. If not, here's what I wrote:
Great, great job, both of you. Arianna, your lady is dressed up almost like a princess with her beautiful earrings and necklace and big smile. She must be very very happy, just like you!
And Ellen, what a terrific display of your creativity. I could never do that, or even come with names of them. Well, except for maybe a few...
1. Myrtle Paturtle
4. Triclops Fox
5. Hexapede
6. Happy Snappy the Crock
7. Three Fingered KiteHead
9. Friendly Cat
26. Evil Boweevil
40. Shocker Knocker
Your MiMi is very proud!

jendanellenarianna said...

Thanks everybody for posting. We are having a great time reading your great names. Here are my faves:

22-Mr. Whiskers
Arianna's Portrait-Lucy


William said...

By the way -- forgot to say that I clicked on the large versions of the pictures and printed them out for the refrigerator door, then to the Ellen and Arianna file folders. Keep the great art coming, girls!