Sunday, April 06, 2008

Asheville and Greenville

Daniel had a conference in Asheville this weekend. The girls and I spent the day in Greenville while he was gone. We had a great time together with our friends even though we had rainy days and sicknesses. Daniel met back up with us on Sunday for a walking tour of downtown Greenville. He seemed to really enjoy his time the conference. He got good feedback on his paper and got to spend some time there having dinner and socializing with his colleagues.

These first few pictures are of the girls building a dam in the creek that runs through the Weidenbachs back yard. They were really into getting it built and watching one side get wider and deeper. Since Shael and family have only lived in this house for less than a year, playing in the creek during a big rain was a new experience for all of us.

Shael was sick all day Saturday. It's terrible seeing the people you love when they are in pain. Then Arianna and Ellen both woke up vomitting during the night Saturday. That was the first time ever that they were both throwing up at the same time. Washing sheets and clothes, scrubbing floors and mattresses, and holding your breath for fear of losing your own dinner all in the middle of the night has got to be on my list of worst experiences as a parent. Thankfully it was all over with in the morning. It's a mystery...I'm so curious but I guess I'll never know what caused it. Anyway, here's me and Shael on Sunday. Although this is not the best picture of us :) you can see a little of the park, river and waterfall that runs through downtown.

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