Monday, April 14, 2008

Ellen's Art Exhibit

Ellen has been taking art classes through the Young Artists Workshop on the USC campus. The classes were a birthday gift from her Mimi. She had class every Friday afternoon for 6 weeks. She didn't know anyone else in her class and she loved it. I am very proud of her. She loves drawing and creating pretty much anything. They learned about painting, drawing, print making, and clay. She was so proud to show off her works at the art show to Grandaddy William, Daniel, and a few friends who came out on Friday evening. Here are some of the pictures William shared.


Anonymous said...

Ok, that print of a self-portrait actually has some resemblance to Ellen. It's all in the big eyes and wide smile.
Her explanation of the technique for attaching the handle to the cup was so priceless.
So proud.


William Kruidenier said...

Attagirl, Ellen. I love the pointing-to-what-I-drew on the wall. Nice work -- looking forward to Arianna's art which she is old enough for the class.

Anna Morrison said...

I remember long ago, when we lived in Boone, I saw a picture that Ellen had drawn. She was still very small, but the figure was so detailed and artistically thought out. What a cutie! I love to see you and Daniel nurturing that love of art she has. You both are so good at providing an environment that encourages your girls to explore and create.

Ellen~ we love your masterpieces!

Kris said...

this is fun.. followed a link here from William Kruidenier's Blog

thanks for having my family over the other night.. I had a great time.. Just had to revise my whole comment, b/c I realized blogspot will not except html in comments..