Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Swingset Surprises

Our neighbors and friends Nick and Sheri, who have a daughter that the girls love to play with are sadly moving. We congratulate them on selling their house in under a month (quite an accomplishment given the mood in housing these days). They knew the folks moving in had no use for their fort/swing/slide set and so very generously offered it to us as a parting gift! We were overwhelmed with thanks and later with the amount of wood we carried down the street to our house. So we spent Saturday taking the system apart in the largest modules we could carry and lugged them down the street and into the backyard. Then Sunday we reconstructed it piece by piece. I am skipping much huffing and puffing and straining, balancing, scratching of the head, asking Jennifer to perform super-human feats of support, and deathly close calls. But who wants to talk about that part. It's done and it's a blast. Thanks Nick and Sheri and Zoie for your extreme generosity.

While we were out we discovered a baby rabbit in the yard very near where we were working. This was one of those proud daddy moments. You ready? I have always tried to put bugs and other creatures in my hand and in the girl's hands to let them know there is nothing to fear; but I don't pick up a whole lot of little furry wild mammals and so was trapping this little rabbit with a net. I got it in there and before I could get my guts up to reach in Ellen ran over and stuck her hand right in and grabbed it. I mean she beat me to it hands down! Arianna was right behind her and they traded the little fella back and forth. So I of course had to buck up and hold it. So precious. The little guy would get real squirmy and screamy when s/he was passed off but would quickly settle in and after a few seconds appeared (I emphasize appeared) very secure and content. Way to go girls!


William Kruidenier said...

What an amazing play-set! Generous neighbors! Jay looks like he's thinking it was put there for him but he doesn't know how to access its benefits.

Cute bunny and kids (okay, and dad). What'd you do with the bunny? How to keep it safe from the neighborhood cats?

Anna Morrison said...

I would have loved to be a bunny in that yard when you two were putting that thing together. Hee hee.

What a treat! Can we come and play??

Lesley and Jason said...

We just love reading and seeing what you guys are up to - thanks so much for sharing your life with us family and friends not able to see you as often as we'd like.

Daniel, I too would be hesitant to grab a 'wild' rabbit and think it is great that you have shown the girls to not be afraid.

Awesome play set for the back yard - certainly a generous gift.

Love you guys,
Les and Jason