Monday, April 21, 2008

What we do when we are not gardening

It's that time of year again -- barbershop time. Daniel has been letting the beard grow for about a year. I guess with the summer heat approaching he figured it was time for a change. This time Daniel thought it would be fun to let the girls do most of it. I was freaking out a little bit as they held their little sharp scissors next to his face. But they thought that was so cool. Ellen and Arianna calmly trimmed with the scissors then moved on to the buzzer. If you think about it Arianna was so young one year ago and she said she could hardly remember what he looked like without the beard. She was so cute as she closely examined his face when they were done. I love it!

Here we are out in 5 Points for the local music night. They close off the streets, put out chalk for the kids, and sell drinks for the adults, all in the popular area near downtown that has cool shops, restaurants and bars. This event seems to attract a younger crowd, mostly college and young families. The girls and I met Daniel there after his class and we played and snacked on into the evening. We realized last week that the 2nd band was really good and stayed up dancing right in front until 9:30! The girls loved watching the band and jamming with us to the beat. So often when we are out at events like this we are talking to other adults and the kids are playing with their friends. It was really nice to just be with the girls, focused on them while playing and drawing, and then Daniel and I got to enjoy conversations as they played by themselves. Maybe we should call it "family date night."
I think Daniel wanted to post the name and a video of the band but he can do that later. We thought they were great. In the next post you'll see why we've been away from the computer and consumed with another backyard project. I didn't realize it had been so long since the last post.

Sharing deep thoughts:)

Me with my dance partner for most of the night.

Walking back to the car.


William Kruidenier said...

I've said this on occasion before: Who is that guy in the picture and what did you do with Daniel? :-)

Scott said...

Dude, I like the short stubble look. It gets my vote. Can't wait to see pictures from the latest backyard project.

Anonymous said...

Who's taking a vote? J/K. I appreciate the sentiment. You're going to laugh when you see what found its way into the backyard over the weekend. It's too funny. Check back soon.


Milovy said...

Hi Jen. I enjoy your blog so much. Your girls are too cute. -Kara