Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Philosophy Teaching Award

Daniel received an award for teaching last Thursday during a ceremony on Graduate Student Day at USC. Here he is pictured with USC President Dr. Andrew Sorensen (in bow tie), Philosophy Dept. Graduate Director Dr. Chris Tollefson, and the Graduate School Dean Dr. James Buggy. I know how hard he works and how great of a teacher he is. It is really nice that he was able to be acknowledged by the department and the university. Congratulations Daniel, we are proud of you!

(Daniel speaking now)-There is an interesting little article on the rise in undergraduate enrollment in philosophy departments at Rutgers and NYU. This bodes well for future employment (not that I could work at either institution, but if their experience is representative the effects should trickle down).

You can find the article here.

I will let you be the judge of whether the article is on target regarding the reason for the rise in enrollment. I am just happy if it means a growing demand for philosophy professors. This, if the case, makes a Teaching award a bit more valuable on the resume ;-)


Anna Morrison said...

Wow. Congrats Daniel! I am so delighted that you have been honored, as you should be. Love the photo with those other distinguished gentlemen.

Oh and by the way, we are extremely jealous of your recent trip to Asheville. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes the trip to Asheville was enviable. What a great city. I didn't have much time but got to walk a couple of blocks and eat in the downtown square. It was just enough to make me want to get back pretty soon Do I hear a need for summer camping and dining in Asheville with the Morrisons? I think so...

William said...

Congrats again -- and an interesting article. I like the idea of the double major in philosophy and another subject. Thought the female sophomore's perspective was interesting: "She said she found many male philosophy majors interesting and sensitive." Is that true? :-)

The new president of my alma mater is a Ph.D in philosophy -- very sharp man who is making a great impact at the college. Speaks well for the degree!

Scott said...

I cannot say that I am surprised. You are definitely deserving of the honor. I'll be calling you soon.

Anonymous said...

To "william:"
I missed that part in the article. But her quote must have been clipped. I think the original probably went something like this:
...INTERESTING (to observe from a distance and with proper experimental control)
(very) SENSITIVE (as in sensitive to light, physical activity, criticism, and real work).
J/K. But can you believe they put that in there? How ridiculous.

Jason said...

Hey Daniel. Congratulations man. This is clearly an honor that you should be proud of. And I appreciate knowing that you are proud of it in the best of ways. Keep at it, what you feel... that makes you think.