Monday, July 27, 2009

Another harvest and other summer fun

I like to use the blog as my gardening journal. Here is what we harvested this weekend. It is always a fun challenge to figure out the best ways to eat/cook all these veggies. Not sure what I'm going to do yet, but we'll probably have pizza, stew, stir fry, and salsa throughout the week.
Gardening is not the only thing we've been doing in recent weeks. We spent a day on the river in downtown Columbia...
These are the traditional rock jumping pictures. Remember the ones from last summer?

We've also been going to the free Saturday night concerts in downtown Columbia. They are always fun. We bring a quilt, picnic, frisbee, and books. Frisbee throwing is a lot harder than it looks. I'm not much better than the girls, but we all have fun trying. We usually stay until it gets dark. The bands are not always great but sometimes we get to hear really good musicians. I haven't been bringing my camera but the one time I did the only picture was this one that Ellen took of Daniel and me. We are nice and hot since it is probably 9o something degrees (remember these are evening concerts!). Not a great picture of me but we were having fun.

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