Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Home for July

My goal is to stay in Columbia for the month of July. We did a lot of traveling to visit family and friends over the last few months. It's not as though I think about my year in advance and plan to be out of town every other weekend, but with good friends and family scattered across the eastern U.S. I have come up with good reasons for road trips.

Life at home is full. We are continuing our "school work" so the girls spend time every morning learning math, recorder, and reading good books. We are also going through a history curriculum called The Story of the World and we'll be doing nature studies and filling our nature notebook. The afternoons are usually open to swimming, errands, playgroups, or free time. So here's a few fun pictures of the past week having fun with friends.

Swimming at Lake Murray with a group of friends. The girls loved being in the lake and playing in the waves.

The kids making funny faces and taking a short break while picking blueberries at a farm in Lexington, SC. We'll go back at least one more time to get more and make jam. Picking fresh fruit (especially strawberries and blueberries) is one of my favorite things to do. I love being outside and surrounded by the smells and colors of fresh berries.

Fourth of July was spent at our home with some friends and fireworks. Our friends brought over the slip and slide.
It is a Kruidenier tradition to splurge a little on fireworks twice a year at New Year's and July 4th. I didn't get any pictures of the big ones that Daniel lit and we all sat back and enjoyed, but here's one of the crew playing with sparklers.

I'll be posting a garden update and some photos of our recent house/remodel projects soon!

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