Thursday, April 29, 2010

Greens and daisies

It's that time of year again. We are bringing in tons of greens. For example, today I went out at about 11:00 am and picked a handful of lettuce, baby bok choi, sweet peas, radishes, and green onions and mixed it all together for a salad.
We ordered a scale to keep track of the amount of veggies we bring in. We are keeping record of it all on a clip board for now but I plan on charting it as we get in more food. For the first week we brought in 11.5 oz of spinach, 26 oz of sweet peas, 9 radishes, 22 oz lettuce, 15 oz baby bok choi, 1.5 lbs of bigger bak choi, 1 lb young turnip greens. And our spinach is huge.
We loved looking at it so much we just had to take a picture! Is it because of the compost tea?
This is the bak choi bed. This is an asian green that we use just like the other greens--in stir fries, steamed or chopped really thin in salads. We like it because it is a more heat tolerant than salad greens and more tender than traditional southern greens.
Here's the lettuce bed.

So I also had a birthday last weekend--yes I am 32 years old now. Thanks to all my friends and family who contributed to a wonderful weekend. I took a road trip to Nashville to meet up with my best friends from Indy. We all have soar jaws from talking and laughing so much! I got home in perfect time to receive hugs and kisses from my wonderful family, lots of birthday cards and a package with a new zoom lens! I tested it out on the daisies that are blooming in the back garden. What do you think? The pictures really don't do justice to the beautiful flowers. I really do love having flowers all over the yard.


KathyB said...

wow! your flowers are so beautiful with that new lens. Great gift for you little one.
When can we see the playroom floor?

chiaki said...

wow,the daisies are just gorgeous! I wished I could be there too!

William Kruidenier said...

Love the way the focal length on the new lens blurs the background when focusing on an object in the foreground. The flowers really stand out without anything in focus in the background to compete with them. Very nice!

Mandy Leigh said...

great pictures! and i'm jealous at all the produce you're brining in! that's so wonderful!

Anna Morrison said...

beautiful greens indeed! the pictures are so clear! love the daisies.

i'd give a pretty penny to have some of that compost tea. :) i know, i know . . . we could make it ourselves. your garden always impresses me so much. it inspires me.

thankful for you . . .