Monday, April 05, 2010

Transplanting seedlings--Successes and Failures

Last weekend (the one before Easter) we finally got the seedlings that we started back in January (here the link to that post)in the ground.

A lot of those seeds that we started were a great success and we were very pleased with the health of the kale, collards, lettuce and spinach seedlings.

BUT almost a whole tray of summer seedlings that I started turned out to be a disaster. Hardly any of the seeds even germinated. I don't really know what happened but some reasons for the germination failure could be that the soil was not warm enough, not wet enough or maybe too wet since we noticed that the soil mix we created was a little to dense. Here's a picture of the sad tray.
I've got one tomato out of 30 that I started, no peppers, and about half of the basil and eggplants! We've learned that it's all about experimenting and trying things over and over again. So, I've started new trays of these kinds of plants and hopefully I'll correct whatever went wrong.


MiMi said...

Sad tray indeed! Keep on keeping on girl, persistance is the key to life!
Love you all,

William Kruidenier said...

Beautiful -- imagine what it will look like in 60 days!

Lesley said...

At least all your cold weather crops are going strong and it wasn't the other way around! Hope we can catch up with you guys here soon and stop playing phone tag!

Les and Jason