Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Music Lessons

Want to know how to save tons of money on beginning music lessons for your kids? Learn to play the instruments with your child. So far I have been able to stay about 1 or 2 steps ahead of the girls on piano and violin. I read books and watch videos then teach them what I know and encourage them to practice. Usually they get to know the pieces better than I do since they are practicing more (and focusing on one instrument). For a DIY family like us, this is the way to go.

Our kids are surrounded by music on a daily basis. Daniel plays the guitar every day and sometimes, in the evenings, I play with him. They were born in a musical family. My parents have always played instruments and are now in a band. Daniel's dad is also a musician, music lover, and instrument collector. All of these things have helped make them into the musicians that they are. Most importantly, they practice every day and they are proud of the sounds that they can make.

Daniel is learning a classical guitar accompaniment to go along with a duet that the girls know. The kids love when we all play together:)

Here's Arianna playing 3 songs from her Suzuki book. Ellen is playing Red River Valley. They've both been playing for almost a year. The sound that you here towards the end of Ellen's video is a helicopter.

Here are the books we are using for piano.
Alfred's Basic Piano Library. Started with level one. Now going on to level 3.

For violin I ordered this Suzuki book and CD from Amazon. I had to watch a lot of videos on youtube to learn how to hold the bow and play the violin. This is my favorite guy and he has a whole series of beginning violin tutorials.


William Kruidenier said...

Wow -- that's great progress. When you hear them play only now and again, you can really see the progress that's been made in the interim. I'm really impressed! Great playing, Ellen and Arianna!

KathyB said...

Beautifully done girls - all 3 of you! Music is almost THE most important thing EVER! Great job, all of you.
Love MiMi

Jennifer said...

More musical background from the girls' great grandparents and great great grandparents also. My mom, a classically trained pianist with a music degree from SMU. My Dad, sang on the radio to put himself through Univ of Arkansas. My Mom's Dad, a prodigy who could play any instrument.

Lesley said...

Unbelievable! I am very impressed with everyone's hard work on this. It is also amazing to hear all the family history...exciting to continue in their honor.

IT is also neat for me to think about when Jen and Daniel were first courting and how much guitar playing was a part of that....

Love and miss you guys.

mv said...
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mv said...

This is awesome. Very impressed. Thanks for the tip on Suzuki. I think it's wonderful that everyone's learning together. --MattV

Laura said...

YEAH! That was so precious! I love that idea-- saving money by teaching the instrument ourselves. We just got a piano/keyboard for Kelty and I think I am going to do the same thing with her. Lessons are so pricey, right?

Loved watching both videos of your girls. They are beautiful.