Sunday, December 05, 2010

One Giant Leaf Pile

Daniel and girls collected leaves from a nearby church. They brought them into our yard a made a huge pile which we will use for compost the whole year.

But first we must play in it!

Pretty girls.
Silly girls.
As always, Blue is keeping a close watch...


KathyB said...

As always, it it pure delight for me when I get to see your Blog. Pretty girls indeed and what a great life!
Mimi loves you all.

Kallie said...

Man, I want to come jump in that leaf pile! That looks like so much fun:)

William Kruidenier said...

Nice! How did you get the leaves home?

Jennifer said...

They raked them onto a big tarp then used string and ratchet straps to get them into a shape that would fit into the back of my car. I think they made 6 or more trips!