Wednesday, March 16, 2011 Album: Hunting Island 2011

Beach camping with good friends.
Hiking to the lighthouse, A beautiful view from the top, Climbing on the playground of fallen trees, Tromping through the mud, Nature center, Walking the pier over the lagoon, Spotting the osprey on her nest. Walking on the rocks out over the waves, Flying the kite, Chasing the kite that got away. Warm fires, Dads playing guitar, Swinging on the hammock. Older kids playing late night yahtsee, an original play by the kids and sweet voices singing their made up songs. Last hike down the boardwalk trail. Always sad to leave.

I think we took about 1000 pictures on this trip! Everything was so beautiful. I narrowed it down to about 37 photos and you can see them in this album I've posted above. You can scroll through them individually or hit play and watch them as a slideshow.


homegrownsunshine said...

Your photos are beautiful!! Good job!

It was a dream.

Love you all.

Lesley said...

Looks like yall had a super time. Hunting Island is a real beutiful place. miss you all.