Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Wonderful Experience

Last weekend, our studio performed an original ballet based on Dr. Seuss stories. Beginning in January,  dancers auditioned and I and the five other teacher/choreographers began the process of turning the classic books into ballets. The costumes and props were hand made and specifically designed for the dancers and the pieces.

Ellen and Arianna got their parts and practiced once or twice a week for several months. These rehearsals were in addition to their regular ballet and contemporary classes that they take during the school year. These girls love to dance and they loved practicing and hanging out with their ballet buddies. Now that the show is over they are sad that they don't get to go to rehearsals anymore. We are all wondering what we are going to do with ourselves now that the show is over.

The fish at dress rehearsal

Before the show: Arianna a Sneetch and Ellen a Fish

Ellen in the center during the show with the Fish
Arianna pictured here with the fish
Truffula Trees and Dr. Seuss
I don't have pictures from the Sneetch dance that I choreographed but I should have some video soon. Here is the Star Machine that my friend Alyse and I decorated. It is huge as you can see and the Sneetches walked through it. Here is the front side.
Proud mom and dancers after the show.

Grandaddy William and Grandmother Gail came down from Charlotte to watch!
A special thanks for my love. You picked up the slack around the house while we were rehearsing. You also designed and planted our amazing vegetable garden this spring without any help from me. This ballet was a wonderful experience that couldn't have happened without your encouragement and support. Thank You Daniel.


Daniel said...

The show was amazing. Ellen and Arianna are true dancers-self-controlled, graceful, knowledgeable, hard-working. And I didn't know I married a choreographer and fellow teacher!

Jennifer's Sneetch choreography was received with much acclaim.

Ballet studios are incredible communities to the students, parents, and teachers who invest in them. Watching all three groups come together, discuss, construct, create, sweat, train, and produce such a performance is so inspiring. I am certainly a proud husband and father.


KathyB said...

What visions all 3 of my girls are! The picture with Ellen in the center looks exactly as Jennifer did at same age...effortless grace. Arianna's pleasure comes pouring out like a ray of sunshine. This grief stricken grandmother still in pain that I wasn't able to be there. SOOOOOOO PROUD OF MY 3 GIRLS AND DANEL TOO. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION TO US ALL.

homegrownsunshine said...

Gorgeous dancers . . . amazing teacher and proud mama . . . hard working and sweet loving Dad,

I am so proud of your family. So glad and so honored to call you our friends. You bring so much light to others, such an inspiration.

I love the pictures. The last photo has made me tear up. I love you all so stinkin' much!!!!!

a huge fan,

Lesley said...

So glad to check in on you guys and see such beautiful goings on. I may not be posting much, but I am checking in on you frequently. While I would love to have you all down the street, it is nice to see that you are doing strawberries now, several hours south of us, so I can plan for a few weeks from now when we will have them ripe here...

Love you all, Lesley and family