Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Day trip: Strawberry Picking, Angel Oak, and Folly Beach

We are actually on Spring Break this week so we decided to head over to the Charleston area with some friends for a quick day trip. Last year we visited Ambrose Farms to pick organic strawberries. The Farm is beautiful and full of veggies so I was in heaven. We picked 14 pounds of berries in about 30 minutes. I made jam out of them today!
While driving to the farm last year we drove right by the Angel Oak Tree but didn't have time to stop. So this year we took a picnic and ate lunch by this massive 400-500 year old Live Oak tree. To give you an idea of its size, the tree's circumference is 25 feet and its area of shade is 17,000 sq. feet.

The girls were not happy that they were in the presence of the best climbing tree ever but not allowed to climb it.
They didn't stay sad long.

We spent the last few hours of the day at the beach. It was extremely windy and a bit chilly but the kids never seem to mind.


KathyB said...

Thanknyou!! This was much needed after a tough day. The aura around you three glows so brightly it is a tonic for me :-)

William Kruidenier said...

Beautiful pics -- the nobility of the tree and sweetness of the berries is surpassed only by the noble-sweet Kruidenier Women! (seriously!)

I would love to see that tree -- looks like something out of Middle Earth.