Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Easter

Just a few days late...

I thought the girls might be getting too old for an egg hunt but I was wrong. They were waiting for it all day long. Mimi prepared the eggs while we went to church. Thanks Mimi! 

The joy of candy filled eggs!
Blue really wanted some candy but all he got was a kiss:)
 The next day, these Lindt dark chocolate bunnies came in the mail.  Thanks Liz and Grandmother Gail. Yum!


KathyB said...

great photos as usual. Who took that family photo? It was quite good LOL!
Yall are beautiful. The photo of arianna and Blue should be submitted somewhere!

Anonymous said...

n iutyt

Anonymous said...

never had toddler sisters in my bed together love to get them 2 in it man juice in those tight little bumholes