Monday, March 05, 2012


Our Ballet company performed Coppelia last weekend. This comic ballet was originally performed in 1870 in Paris.

The last few months our family has been devoted to this show--tons of rehearsals, helping with sewing costumes, selling ads, etc. I was not responsible for any choreography so I actually got to watch from the audience. It was such a beautiful show. The girls have really grown into beautiful dancers and have quite a stage presence when they are performing. We are so proud. The following pictures were taken by another parent. (click on the pictures to see them enlarged.)
E and A in the Mazurka -- traditional Polish folk dance performed at beginning of the ballet

Dancing the Mazurka

Soloist performing her prayer dance for the wedding couple. Can you spot E and A in blue?

Swanhilda and Franz dancing at their wedding

Entire Cast after Dress Rehearsal

Mazurka dancers with some of the teachers backstage

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