Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Flowers in Columbia

Springtime begins early in Columbia. Ellen and I (Daniel) set out one evening to capture some of the wonderful flowers we have in our yard. Ellen took most of these and is very patient and thoughtful with the camera. We missed some earlier flowers like crocus, daffodil, and a sweet smelling honeysuckle like bush.  But at this point our little piece of paradise is in full bloom.

Blueberry flowers. Yeah!
Periwinkle blooms.
We think this is a vetch flower.
Wild blackberry grows everywhere here. And while its thorns make weeding a headache its spring flowers are sure beautiful.
Carolina Laurel Cherry is a gorgeous tree that stays green all year. In the Spring it sets out these flowers.
The Carolina Laurel Cherry grows along the borders of our backyard forming a year round hedge. Here is what the hedge looks like in the spring.
Peach blossoms.
Unknown flower probably grown from a wildflower pack I purchased and sprinkled in a bed.

Unknown bulb flower that grows in clumps next to the shed.
Unknown wildflower.
Bridal Veil, One of the prettiest spring displays.
Red bud.
Another variety of Bridal Veil.
Gerber Daisy. These bloom almost year round and can be split, multiplied, and replanted in the Fall.
Unknown wildflower (I think it is a bulb).


Anna said...

Great pictures, Ellen (and Daniel). They definitely lifted my spirits this morning. Just took M & S to preschool for the first time. These flower pictures brought a smile to my face. Thanks!

William Kruidenier said...

Beautiful pics -- what a variety to have in your own yard. A true Southern display.

Many of the pics are so close-up they look like they were taken with a macro lens. Did you have your regular lens on the camera? Use the camera's macro setting? Whatever -- these came out very nice!