Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter and Fresh Strawberries

Still not too old for an Easter Egg hunt!
Ellen 10yrs

Arianna 9 yrs

Jen 35 weeks pregnant

We picked 3 gallons of fresh strawberries from Cottle Farms in Columbia yesterday morning.
Enjoyed these strawberry muffins with strawberry icing for breakfast. Muffin recipe from Icing is mixture of pureed strawberries, vegan cream cheese, earth balance, vanilla and lots of powdered sugar.


William Kruidenier said...

Does your bakery deliver to Charlotte?

Pretty cupcakes, even prettier girls—all three!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the compliments. No I don't deliver, but you are welcome to stop by any time and if I know you are coming I'll be sure to have some fresh baked goods!

Jennifer King said...

so sweet! WOw Jen I can't believe you are 35 weeks already! I had Ayla at 37 weeks and Avery at 37.5 weeks!!

jbulluck said...

Woohoo! that means strawberries will be locally ripe here in a few weeks~ I always depend on you guys for a gauge of strawberry season!

Jen, you are looking quite pregnant! How exciting. Wish I could spend some quality time with you in the coming weeks before this new baby arrives. It will have to be a phone call. Love you!


KathyB said...

Happy Easter to My beauties - all 3 of you! Those are yummy looking muffins too. My little ones must be loving those strawberries.

Anna said...

I was looking forward to these photos. So good to see your smiling faces.
Our vegan-lovin' mouths are watering with the muffin pics.

Love you all.