Sunday, May 06, 2012

Our Garden

We love the garden this time of year. It looks healthy and we are getting a lot of my favorite vegetable--Kale! The cabbage harvest has been very nice also. Daniel is the gardener of the family. I simply do a little harvesting here and there whenever I need something for the kitchen. He actually does most of the harvesting as well.
I'm proud to say that everything you see in the these pictures was started from seed (except some onions were started from sets). The indoor grow light station (go here for a post that we wrote last year on our indoor seed starting) that Daniel created was a big success for all the tomatoes, cabbage, kale, collards, chard, eggplant, peppers, and flowers.
lacinato kale (garlic in the bed to left of kale)
We are using the pvc pipe drip irrigation system again this year. Go to this post to read more about how we made and installed it. This is hopefully allowing for deep watering and saves us lots of time and water. There are shut off valves at the top of all the rows. Daniel has even recruited the girls help in turning them on and off during the week while he is at work. (We water 2 rows at a time.)


mix of onion, flowers, chard, kale, collards

Daniel getting the stakes ready for the tomatoes


William Kruidenier said...

Beautiful, as usual -- you all grow some serious lacinato kale. It's always tall and robust. The whole thing looks "good enough to eat!"

Lesley said...

Rock on you guys, keeping up the good work amidst all else. Beautiful! I recall that post years ago with Daniel shoving stones around and transforming the backyard. What a worthwhile, impressive endeavor. Great update. Hang in there Jen! We are thinking about yall lots...

mv said...

beautiful garden. speaks for itself. and looks delicious.