Monday, May 14, 2012

40 Weeks

Taken this evening after teaching my 4 ballet classes today. I sadly quit taking my own class about 3 weeks ago. To stay in shape I'm taking walks regularly with the family.
My good friend, Alyse, threw Ellen and Arianna a surprise big sister baby shower one week after their regular ballet class. They played games and opened presents for the baby. It was very sweet.

I'm feeling great, just a bit uncomfortable. I was 2 weeks late with both of the girls so I was expecting to carry this baby until now. All we have to do is wait now. Everything and everyone is ready...


Anna said...

Been waiting for that pic! You look amazing.
Love you.
Sharing in the wait,

William Kruidenier said...

A lovely belly, ma'am -- looking good (both of you).

Big Sister Shower -- cool idea. Watin' by the phone.

jbulluck said...

You really do look great Jen. SO excited to be so close to this much anticipated day. Love you, Les