Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ellen's 10 year old trip: Philly & NY

 Daniel has planned to take both of the girls to the destination of their choice when they turn 10. Since Ellen turned 10 during the school year last year they waited until this summer to take the time off and head to her choice city--New York. On the way they stopped in Philadelphia to stay with uncle Dave and get a tour of the Historic District.
Besides being an amazing town for historical reasons, Ellen loved how easy it was to get vegan food! Here she is enjoying her pizza.
 This was one of her favorite spots. It was a giant (ginormous in her words) mural using all different kinds of material. This is just the outside. Apparently you can walk all through the inside.
 I'm not sure where they were in the picture below. It was one of the first banks or other governments buildings.
 Dave and Daniel out of the rain for a minute. They said they walked all over downtown and were exhausted by the end of the day.
 The oldest continuous residential street in America.
Below is a picture of the the GRINDCORE HOUSE partially owned and operated by Uncle Dave. The shop is an island in a sea of otherwise largely residential streets of row houses. The coffee shop houses a radical library, hosts art shows, musical concerts, and is the only all vegan coffee shop that we know of.
Below is a mere sampling of a whilrwind tour that Dave took Daniel and Ellen on. Dave has done quite extensive research into the historical aspects of Philadelphia including colonial history, printing history, and radical history.
Liberty Hall
The stone that shelters the shell that sheltered the soul of Benjamin Franklin.
A monument to the Irish who came to Philadelphia during the potato famine.

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Jennifer King said...

very cool to see my hometown Phila through the eyes of friends! That mural is amazing isn't it? Years ago my grandmother took us for a walk to see it.